- Apple Shooter in 3D exclusive for archery lovers. Drag your bow to shoot the apple in this apple shooting game. Practice your shot in your favorite shooting game of archery. You have limited arrows to shoot the apple. Be a good archer, hit the right spot, don't shoot the wrong target. Download the best archery game in store now!

- Welcome to the website which is dedicated to the most funny and addicting flash game – Apple Shooter. In this archery game, mission of the player is rather simple – using arrow and bow, hit the small red apple, but the player should keep in mind that it is placed on the head of your Assistant . This means that you should think twice before making the shot. In case you hit the apple, you are given bonus points and the player moves to the next round, where the distance between him and target becomes bigger. If you hit your assistant, you fail.... HAVE FUN...!

Kongregate free online game Castle Wars 2 - Here it is the long awaited sequel to Castle Wars. Now to all of those of you, who have never .

Castle Wars 2

Play Castle Wars. Step into the role of Castle Lord. You are in command of the industrious builders, the vicious soldiers and the mysterious sorcerers.

Castle Wars

Cargo Bridge at Cool Math Games: A great bridge building game that will really test your construction skills.

Cargo Bridge

Online Bloons tower defense 4 expansion. You can play free Bloons tower defense 4 expansion game at Kongregate.In. Please enjoy the game.


Bloons Tower Defense 2 at Cool Math Games: The second in the series of Bloons Tower Defense games... New tracks and some new weapons.

Bloonstd 2

Kongregate free online game Bloons TD 5 - Bloons TD 5 has heaps of new features including all of your favourite towers from BTD4 with 8 .

Bloons TD 5

Play Bloons Player Pack 5 a free Puzzle at OneMoreLevel.com. Thousands of free addictive Flash games like Bloons Player Pack 5 and many more.

Bloons Player Pack 5

Bloons Players Pack 4 : Once again, Bloons fans deliver another butt load of new & groovy levels! Get your dart on, baby!

Bloons Player Pack 4

Bloons Player Pack 3, The 3rd edition with new levels by Bloons fanatics; use the darts to pop them!

Bloons Player Pack 3

Bloons Player Pack 2. Here it is! The second pack of our 50 favourite levels from the hundreds of thousands of levels submitted to bloonsworld.com.

Bloons Player Pack 2

Take control of Super Monkey as he embarks on a Bloon popping frenzy through 5 stages and 15 waves.

Bloons Super Monkey

In this Flash game you run forward as an alien in outer space. You can run and jump on the floor, walls, and even the ceiling. There are 50 levels.


to Order Ant War! Main Menu. New Game. Colony Name. Name your Colony. OK. Make as many Ants as you can! 1 billion Ants conquers the world! Leaf Cutter.

Ant War

Age of War 2 is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game. The goal is to destroy the enemy base while defending yours.

Age of War

Adrenaline is the top lacrosse events and performance apparel provider for the bold and unconventional athlete.


Achievement Unlocked is a platformer meta-game based on getting achievements, where you control a little blue elephant exploring the facility it is stuck within.

Achievement Unlocked

Play Achievement Unlocked 2 and earn everything! Play this free online funny game on AddictingGames!

Achievement Unlocked 2

Cubefield is the online flash game which will definitely impress you with its plot and nabvigation activities.


In the world of the Sniper there are rarely any second chances. Find and neutralise the enemy sniper before he gets you.

Counter Snipe

Play the free online game Cloud to Ground Lightning at Y8.com ! Click to play Cloud to Ground Lightning free game!

Cloud to Ground Lightning

Causality is also a topic studied from the perspectives of philosophy and statistics. Causality means that an effect can not occur from a cause which are not in the the back (past) light cone of that event.


Burrito Bison Revenge : This bison is seriously angry at some little candy bears, so he's going to squash them.

Burrito Bison

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion contains 4 brand new crazy fun tracks for you to try out. Mesmerize yourself on the Sandy Spiral Track, get lost in the Subterranean Sewers, explore the secrets of the Monkey Temple, or challenge your wits on the Triangle of Insanity!

Bloons Tower Defense 4

Play Air Transporter a free Physics at OneMoreLevel.com. Thousands of free addictive Flash games like Air Transporter and many more.

Air Transporter

Age of War 2 is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game. The goal is to destroy the enemy base while defending yours.

Age Of War 2

There is a game that's taking its subject from Matrix fighting styles. Game can be played by one or two players.

Bullet Time Fighting

Into Space 2: Launch a rocket into the skies! Complete missions, unlock achievements and purchase upgrades to send it even further. Will you be able to reach Mars?

Into Space 2

The Impossible Quiz : It's not impossible, but you might dig for your brains through your ear. Give it your best shot and try not to get shot.

The Impossible Quiz

Play Canyon Defense - Build an ideal defense system and save the inhabitants.

Canyon Defense

New Star Soccer is a very detailed game that will follow your rise in the professional game of football. ... All you need to play is a mouse; simply clicking and dragging in order to kick the ball, move your player or intercept a pass.

New Star Soccer

Flash version of very popular sport game Billiards. In this version you can play two versions of Billiard: 8 ball Billiard and Straight Pool. You can play against real players or against computer.

Multiplayer Billiard

Kongregate free online game MR Fat Snake - Speed through a tunnel avoiding oncoming obstacles and eat as many monsters as you can.

MR Fat Snake

Play the free online game Mortal Kombat Karnage at Y8.com ! Click to play Mortal Kombat Karnage free game!

Mortal Kombat Karnage

The mouse is your club on this digital green. Put Tiger to shame. Free Online Sports Games from AddictingGames.

Mini Putt

Arrow keys to move, click and hold the mouse button next to the geek to cheat and then go back to your place.

The Classroom 3

Lesson number one: never borrow money from the Mafia. Too late for you: you have to win back all of the money you lost.

Mobster Roulette 2

Mine Blocks 2 is the sequel of the popular minecraft-inspired adventure game made by Zanzlanz.

Mine Blocks

Highway Pursuit : Robbing the bank was the easy part: now you have to protect the getaway car! Shoot those jerks who want their money back.

Highway Pursuit

Hide the Fart : You've got some major gas, and nowhere to let it out. You and wasabi just don't mix. Can you be discreet with your stinkers?

Hide the Fart

Hex Empire is a casual turn-based strategy war game, occupying a comfortable spot between the simplicity of Risk and the number crunching of the Avalon Hill-style board games that inspired the whole soldiers-on-hexagons thing. It lets you jump right into battle without much fuss, and offers enough tactical depth to be addictive

Hex Empires

17 reviews of The Hexagon Board Game Cafe "Hexagon is such a nice place to chill! With board games, coffee and gummies, it certainly made the whole experience a pretty enjoyable one. They have a wide range of games such as Sushi Go, Coup, Munchkin…

Hexagon Boardgame

Fly the helicopter through the dark green cave as far as possible. The twists and turns get more and more difficult until they become nearly impossible.


Play Heli attack 3 on Kizi! Fight your way through the missions using countless weapons and special abilities. Heli attack 3 is totally free and requires no registration!

Heli Attack 3

How long can you survive the waves of helicopter's sent to kill you? The aim of the game is to get the highest score possible by destroying.

Heli Attack 2

Play Hedgehog Launch a free Launch at OneMoreLevel.com. Thousands of free addictive Flash games like Hedgehog Launch and many more. Updated daily.

Hedgehog Launch

Kongregate free online game Hedgehog Launch 2 - You are both a gentleman and a scholar; deserving of both monocle and prost!

Hedgehog Launch 2

Two lovely gums are in a funny adventure. They must complete the tracks without dropping down into the sea. There will be some cute obstacles on the road. Don't forget to pick up golden coins during your journey.

Gum Drop Hop

The adventure of Gum Drop Hop is going on with twoplayergames.org with the 3rd chapter. It seems that it is full of with surprises and funnier than previous ones. Start the game by clicking "PLAY" button. You can play this game on 1 Player mode or 2 Player mode

Gum Drop Hop 3

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